Friday, August 22, 2008

Middle Section Finished!

Well, almost finished. I still have to stitch the leaves and flowers on the border. :)

LH Neighborhood as of 8/21/08

I'm still loving it! I'm trying to decide if I'm going to make any changes on the top section. Look forward to seeing everyone else progress! :)


Susan said...

Congratulations, Nicole - it's beautiful! I'm currently working on the middle section, and am keeping my fingers crossed that I will have it finished this weekend.

Rachel said...

Looks beautiful! I just started my first house (top row) yesterday.

Sherry said...

Beautiful!!! The more I see this, the more I love it and can't wait to start on mine!

Moni said...

Congrats Nicole, your piece is so beautiful! You are such a fast stitcher!

nicky said...

Oh my goodness you have nearly finished. Its lovely. It can't wait to see what changes (if any) you do decide to make.

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