Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just Joining

Thanks Nicole for sending me an invite. I am eager to join this SAL. I just ordered the pattern yesterday from 123 stitch, not sure how long it will take to receive. I was hoping I could still get in on the SAL. Is anyone stitching it on fabric other than the pearled barley? Also, is there a listing anywhere of the floss requirements. I would like to see if I can kit it up with existing fabric and floss if not, I'd like to go out and buy it so I have it for when I get the pattern.
Thanks again for letting me join


Susan said...

Welcome aboard, Anna. I can't wait to see your start!

Stitch Wizard said...

Welcome Anna. I am stitching on Lt Exampler fabric from Lakeside Linens.

Shelagh said...

Welcome to the SAL, I'm not sure what I am sttiching on, as Susan sent me the kit. I will have to ask her.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the group, Anna!

Moni said...

Welcome, Anna! I hope you will rceive the pattern soon! I can't wait to see your start! Good luck! :)

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