Friday, August 1, 2008

Linda's Second Update!

The only thing I have been stitching on lately is my Little House Neighborood. I just love working on it and it is such a joy to stitch. I have made some nice progress too!

Little House Neighborhood - WIP update

Here is a close up of the first house I finished, stitched with Crescent Colors 'Bramble Bush'.
First house

I really like how it turned out with that floss. I stitched it up and down and really like the effect that makes. Makes the house look more 'wood' to me.
And I started the red house. I decided to go with Crescent Colors 'Wild Berries' for that one and am very happy with that color as a substitute. I am also stitching this one up and down.

Second House

Have a great stitching weekend everyone! I love to look at everyones progress! We are going to have some great pieces once this one is all over!


Nicole said...

Wow Linda!! You are getting a lot done! I love it! :)

Petra said...

I agree your substitute threads really make the house look much nicer! Keep up the great job!

Nina said...

Wow!!! Amazing colors!
I really like your changed colors :)
Great, Linda!

Shelagh said...

your house looks terrific, I too am staitching the house up and down, love your colours.

Georgie said...

Oh Linda, I love the varigation of the house. Well done

Stitch Wizard said...

Wow your house is just beautiful stitched with Bramble Bush! I love how it turned out!! Great job!

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