Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hi Everyone! I have finally decided what to put on top. I decided to stick with the rooster after trying two different cats. They just looked huge next to the girl. I also decided to go with bunnies instead of the squirrels. I'm working on the trees now. I hope to get them finished or close to finished today.

Little House Neighborhood as of 8/25/08

I got the bunny chart from my CCN Summer Garden pattern. I was so happy that they fit on the little hills. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh those bunnies are cute!

Moni said...

Nicole, I love those bunnies! They are so sweet! Really a lovely variation! :)

nicky said...

They look perfect! I can't believe you are almost done!

Anonymous said...

Nicole, those bunnies are too cute to not keep in!

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