Monday, July 14, 2008

Yesterday's Progress

I worked on the middle house a lot yesterday. I had to frog a section because I was off, or I would have had a little more done. I'm still loving it! :)

Close up of house


Stitch Wizard said...

Oh Nicole you have made sooooooooo much progress and it is so pretty too! I think I need to have you teach me how to stitch so much so fast and so beautiful! Awesome!

Deirdre said...

Sorry those darn frogs found you, but you have still made remarkable progress.

Yuko said...

Nicole! You are really fast even though a frog came to you, and your stitching is very beautiful!!
As seeing your beautiful piece, I feel like stitching this more and more!!
I'm very looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful progress!

Susan said...

You are making such great progress, Nicole. Congratulations!

Jessie said...

Hi Nicole,
great progress for your neighborhood. The colour of the house goes along beautifully with the fabric you used.Great choice.
I'm so eager to start mine too.

Nina said...

Nicole, you are amazing fast :))
Good to see your beautiful stitches!

Shelagh said...

I thought Susan was fast, but I think you take the cake.

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