Thursday, July 3, 2008


A few people have asked about the structure of the SAL. There is no structure. Just start and stitch when you can! I figure this could be a place where we share our progress and any changes we have made. It's going to be fun and relaxed!!


Stitch Wizard said...

That just sounds perfect to me! Great way to have a SAL with no pressure!

Susan said...

Sounds good, Nicole. I need to post a picture of my fabric & thread before I start stitching. I hope to get started on Sunday.

Nina said...

This is a really beautiful SAL, congrats Girls!
If I wanna join, how can I do, please?
I don't have this patterns yet :(

Regards frm Hungary,

Nicole said...

Hi Nina, just email me ( and I'll send you an invite. :)

Judit said...

Hello Girls!
This is besutiful SAL!!!
If I wanna join, how can I do, please?
I'm from Hungary,

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