Friday, July 25, 2008

Debby's Little House Neighborhood

Here is my first little house finished! I finally got that part done and it took a little time but not as long as it did to finish the roof I had to frog out so many times. I love the door on this house. Now on to the other squirrel, tree and things on the right. Thank you everyone who gave me some good input about stitching in hand or on a frame. Since this is 40 ct fabric, I am going to continue with the q snaps and perhaps try stitching in hand on 32 ct sometime. My stitches are laying like I want doing things this way for me.

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Susan said...

It's beautiful! I'm working on this house, and hope to have a progress picture over the weekend.

Rachel said...

Great progress! Ive been working on the same section but had a frog infestation so Im taking a break :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that frog needs to leave! You've made wonderful progress considering the frogging.

Nicole said...

Debby, It's so pretty! I love the house! Q-Snaps would probably be better on 40 ct. I'm sure it opens the holes more, so you can see them better. :)

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