Friday, November 28, 2008

Just getting started...

Hi everyone! I've had my "Neighborhood" kitted up for months but made myself finish something else first. So, a few days ago I started mine and here's a picture after about 3 hours of stitching:

I'm enjoying it so far. Couldn't wait to get to something besides the border so I'm going on to a tree for now. I also have tons of other things I need to be doing (like a few Christmas gifts and I'll be moving in the next couple of months) so I may be slow at listing this as a finish. I think I'm going to use this piece as a sort of commemorative neighborhood piece. We've been forced to sell the home we've lived in for the past 17 years to the State of Utah for a road project. We've put an offer in on a new home just a couple of blocks away. I was thinking of putting the name of streets I've lived on in my life under each home. I've lived for a significant amount of years in 4 different I'm thinking of my childhood home: South Main; my first home as a married woman: Walnut Circle; this home: 11400 South; and my new home: Gracie View Lane. I'm thinking about putting each address under one of the homes. What do you think? I think it might be kind-of we'll see once I get everything stitched...what I will finally decide. Thanks for looking and listening! For now...back to stitching!


Nicole said...

Great start Cathy, it's beautiful! And that's a great idea about putting the addresses under each one!

Meredith said...

Sorry to hear that you have to move - but I love your idea of the street names! Very original and a nice way to remember your former homes and think about all the exciting times ahead in your new one!

CeeJay said...

There is a saying that "a memory is never fogotten onece written down."
I have started to do that on my blog, because at 66, I am afraid my memories are already gone.
Very nice idea of the addresses.

CeeJay said...

How about a chuckle for today? Posts to 'myself' and thought I would share with you. It is now around ten to eleven in my morning here in east-central Mnnesota, have been up and baked two mini quiches and one apple pie, frozen, that CRACKED MY PAMPERED CHEF BAKING TILE CIRCLE IN HALF!!! I am heartbroken...but anyway here are my two posts.

"Can't even spell forgotten! Sheesh, did I miss out on the sleep I needed or what! No coffee, just a decaf sugar-free mocha with decaf Senseo coffee. Hmmm, something is out of place here. I know what it is! I am trying to do the 'nicey-nicey' typing as they suggest....fingers curved over the keyboard instead of the 'pounding method' I usually use. Gonna quit that curved finger scrap!

On Sat, Dec 6, 2008 at 10:31 AM, Cait wrote;

obviously the memory has gone, I can't even spell once."

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